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About Us

False Hope® is a premium Eco-Friendly apparel company. Our garments are created using Bamboo, Hemp, Cruelty-Free, Recycled and Organic Fabrics.


False Hope® is an acronym for “Freedom And Life Should Evolve, Hopeless Oppression Paralyses Everyone™”. We have two tag lines, “Reverse Psychology” & “Wear What You Defeat™”.


False Hope was created with the intent on redefining the way one can reduce their fashion carbon footprint. We achieved that goal with outstanding success. Our Bamboo garments are equal in quality to fine Cashmere and Egyptian cotton. Our Hemp garments have unparalleled strength and simply get softer and better with age! These goals were accomplished with out adding to the degradation of mother earth    


False Hope continually engages in community-based campaigns. Our involvement is done through the teaching of Healthy and Eco-Friendly living. We host Sustainability, Recycling and Healthy Lifestyle initiatives that truly advocate a green outlook in urban and rural communities. We also provide garments for and support foundations for Cancer and Mental Health awareness. As we expand Nationally our goal still remains true to our founding principles, to uphold Civil Liberties and the reduction of the Worlds Carbon Footprint.